Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Being a parent is tough no matter you are a human or an animal!


Meet Joker – an adorable Maine Coon which has recently given birth to 4 kittens.

Recently, Joker has become quite popular on the Internet after her owner posted a photo of herself. Many people pitied Joker, thinking she was unhappy. The problem is, she looks exhausted in the picture.

The famous Maine Coon very soon surprised all her fans and followers. They were delighted with her sizes.


The owner of Joker admits it is really difficult to keep this breed of cats. As a Maine Coon, Joker likes to eat a lot, so the owner has to make dinner very often.

People on the Net started mentioning that the cat has a somewhat human face esxpressions.

She always looks lazya nd tired, and this is what attracts people. Joker loves her kittens. She licks them to express her love, plays with them and takes them to sleep in their comfortable basket. After a tough day with ehr kittens, Joker finally has some time to lie on the couch and rest.

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