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The “postcat” helped its owners to make friends with their neighbors

Nowadays, fewer and fewer people seek to build warm relations with their neighbors.

Fortunately, sometimes this happens against their will. For example, the British family was able to make friends with their neighbors thanks to the cat.

Billy is an adorable black and white cat who loves to walk on his own.

Its owners, Zach King and Olga Shipunova, tried to fight the pet’s constant leaving, but soon made peace with it and bought the pet a collar so that special services would not take him away.

It was Billy’s desire to explore new territories that helped Olga and Zach to find a new friend.

One day, as usual, Billy returned home towards the evening. He was tired, and wanted only to eat, and to receive a portion of affection from the owners.

When Zach stroked the cat, he found a note under his collar.

An unknown person wrote that the black and white cat loves to visit him. He sits under the door and meows until he is allowed in.

The stranger admitted that he was attached to the animal, but did not take it for himself, because he realized that he already had owners.

By a strange coincidence, the cat’s new friend also called him Billy, and he asked Zach where his four-legged companion lived.

The owners of the animal answered their unknown interlocutor, and soon a correspondence began between them, which grew into a real friendship.

Zach said that they have no plans to meet their new acquaintances. They have enough correspondence.

Zach also admitted that he was thinking about creating a “cat mail”. According to him, this will help neighbors get to know each other better.

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