Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

54-year-old Kylie Minogue, as journalists learned the other day, broke up with her boyfriend Paul Solomons.

Rumor has it that the distance was the reason for the breakup. Not so long ago, the singer returned to her house in the suburbs of Melbourne. And her lover stayed in London.

Insiders explained that at first, Kylie and Paul tried to maintain a relationship. But in the end they did not succeed.

“They really tried their best. But it wasn’t so much the distance that ruined the relationship as much as the 11-hour time difference. In addition, in most cases, Paul did not have the opportunity to go to Melbourne even on weekends due to a too busy work schedule,” the sources explained in an interview with The Sun reporters.

No official comments from the representatives of the artist have yet been followed. The thing is that she does not want to see articles about her personal life in the media again.

“She’s already tired of watching how she is exposed as a “poor, unlucky in love, a girl with a broken heart,”” the insider admitted.

According to him, now Minogue does not feel unhappy and is going to devote all her time to work and hobbies. In addition, Kylie continues to communicate with Paul, but already as a friend.

By the way, Minogue and Solomons were allegedly even engaged. This news was once commented on by the man’s mother.

“Kylie is very sweet. I am delighted with their engagement. This is an extremely happy event for all of us. But, sorry, I can no longer disclose any information,” she claimed.

However, later representatives of Minogue herself denied this news.

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