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The story began about two years ago when a dog groomer from Tennessee found out about the Belgian Malinois, Roux, who was in desperate need of a new home.

She decided to help the poor thing and offered it to her neighbor – Jeff LeCates, who recently lost a pet and did not mind having another one.

So Roux got to Jeff, in whom she found a loving and caring owner.

A year later, late in the evening of Thanksgiving Day, three-year-old Roux suddenly began to behave in a very unusual way. She rushed about the room and barked loudly.

At first, Jeff thought the dog was nervous about the holiday fireworks. But Roux did not stop and asked to open the front door.

When Jeff complied with her request, the dog immediately rushed to the far corner of the garden to the neighboring house, in which the fire began.

The man began to bang on the door, trying to wake the sleeping family.

Jeff and Roux made it just in time: the neighbors, their children and their pets were able to get out of the house and were not injured in the fire.

What can not be said about their property. The fire destroyed part of the roof and garage, causing damage in the amount of about 15 thousand dollars.

Firefighters later reported that the source of the ignition was flammable substances that hit the roof when the fireworks were launched.

The former shelter dog Roux has now rightfully received the title of hero. Because thanks to her actions during the fire, no one was hurt.

Surprisingly, she saved the very people who once helped her find a new home. Goodness returned a hundredfold, to everyone’s joy.

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