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Transparent bodysuit without underwear! Dakota at Gucci

Dakota Johnson was front row ready for the Gucci show in Milan today, wearing a sheer black bodysuit with a matching blazer and mini skirt.

Johnson accessorized with a necklace, sheer tights, and black boots and carried a studded black bag. Her hair was straight and her signature blunt bangs were on display.

This is not Johnson’s first time preparing for a lingerie event. From sheer corset tops to nude studded mini dresses, with a see-through form-fitting black jumpsuit in between,

the actress has a long history of wearing Gucci clothes that blend boudoir with red carpet attire.

In June 2022, Johnson told Vanity Fair that Gucci’s former creative director Alessandro Michele was a close friend of hers before she became an ambassador for the brand in 2017.

“We talk a lot and text a lot,” she explained. “I don’t get the sense that he’s somewhere else when I talk to him, which is how I feel most of the time when I talk to fashion people.” Sabato De Sarno is now the fashion house’s creative director.

She also discussed her upbringing and how her mother, actress Melanie Griffith, referred to her as a “privileged gypsy” when she was a child.

“I think it glamorizes it a little bit or makes everything seem totally amazing all the time,” Johnson said.

“My life has been incredibly lucky and privileged, and the life I led growing up was remarkable—the places I went, how we lived, and what we were able to experience. But we also had to deal with internal family dynamics as well as traumatic situations and events.”

Later in the interview, she stated that she has spent a significant amount of time in therapy and is looking for greater meaning in her life in order to move forward.

“Being alive is still such a mystery to me, and maybe I think about it more because I am in therapy, and I have struggled with depression for my whole life.

“I’m always attempting to navigate that in an honest and safe manner,” she explained. “My job is to be lucky.

I get to go on journeys into people’s minds. And I honestly don’t think I’d make it if I didn’t try to apply great meaning to little things at a time when I’m reading that Roe v. Wade is most likely going to be overturned [it hadn’t been

when the interview was conducted] and everyone is struggling so hard right now and people are being so horrible to each other. “I think I’d be locked up.”

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